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Nordcarrier was established by people with solid experience in freight forwarding and transportation


Solid experience and close contact with the customer

Nordcarrier was established in 2006 by people with solid experience in freight forwarding and transportation. Peter Kristiansen and Henrik Mikkelsen continue to manage the company with 7 partners in the Nordcarrier Group's various companies.

At the same time, Nordcarrier is a company that places great emphasis on close, personal relationships with customers. This means permanent contacts and a very short decision-making process because the sales managers/department heads are also owners.

Behind the day-to-day operations is an efficient and competent Board of Directors:

  • Lars Marcus Peterson, Lawyer

  • Knud Aage Sørensen

  • Henrik Mikkelsen

  • Peter Kristiansen

  • Anders Harrild

  • Kim Christiansen

  • Thomas Pedersen

  • Peter Høiberg

  • Rune Ehlers

  • Marcus Jønsson

  • Martin Juncker

Finally, Nordcarrier consists of a number of employees who have been with us from the beginning. This makes them particularly knowledgeable and competent to fulfill their part of our shared responsibility to keep customers coming back for more great service.


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