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Anti-corruption policy

Nordcarrier Group - "Anti-corruption policy"

Anti-corruption policy

This Anti-Corruption Policy applies to all companies in the Nordcarrier Group; Nordcarrier A/S, Nordcarrier Scandinavia A/S, NC Scandinavia A/S, Nordcarrier Continent A/S, Nordcarrier East A/S and Nordcarrier Air&Sea A/S. The Group will hereafter be referred to as Nordcarrier.

At Nordcarrier there is no tolerance for corruption, as corruption in all its forms is unethical and contrary to the core principles of Nordcarrier's values. Nordcarrier wishes with this letter to provide employees with a clear set of rules for how to behave towards the company's customers, suppliers and business partners when receiving gifts and hospitality.

Corruption includes acts such as bribery, kickbacks, embezzlement, fraud, extortion and nepotism or similar. Corruption covers both receiving and giving bribes and other forms of active or passive corrupt behavior. In the classical understanding, it typically involves money in the form of an improper demand or offer of payment to obtain an ordinary benefit, special service or advantage, but can also take other forms such as privileged access to a job or similar.

The policy applies to all employees acting on behalf of Nordcarrier - Nordcarrier's own employees and employees of subcontractors. The policy applies in all cases, from management to the student. All employees are thus obliged to avoid any activity that may lead to a violation of Nordcarrier's anti-corruption policy.

The responsibility for adequately informing all employees of this policy rests with the management of the companies subject to these principles.

Gifts up to a value of 800 kroner can be accepted without the permission of the company's management. It is not allowed to accept tickets, cash, clothing, consumables or other items exceeding this value.

It is generally acceptable to accept hospitality that includes meals, refreshments, events, transportation and accommodation if the hospitality does not exceed an estimated value of DKK 3500. Hospitality exceeding this amount may not be accepted without permission from management.
If the employee is in doubt as to whether a gift or hospitality is in accordance with this policy, the employee must contact Henrik Mikkelsen, Director, before accepting the gift or hospitality.

It is also the responsibility of employees to prevent, detect and report corruption. Nordcarrier employees - and others acting on behalf of Nordcarrier - are therefore obliged to announce the company's zero tolerance for bribery and corruption.

If the employee participates in private events at Nordcarrier's customers or suppliers, management must be informed of this fact. Employees must pay particular attention to receiving gifts in connection with tenders, contracting and the like, which may affect the employee's decision-making process. In all cases of doubt, Director Henrik Mikkelsen should be contacted.