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Code of conduct

Nordcarrier group - "Code Of Conduct"

Code of Conduct

Nordcarrier With this code of conduct, we wish to emphasize our strong commitment to and responsibility for environmentally, socially and economically sustainable development. It is expected that all Nordcarrier suppliers and employees as a minimum comply with the requirements described in this code of conduct and the principles of the UN Global Compact. At Nordcarrier , we are convinced that through constructive dialog with our suppliers about this code of conduct, we can create long-lasting and constructive partnerships. 

It is the responsibility of the supplier to comply at all times with the obligations set out in this Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, we expect our suppliers to inform any subcontractors of the obligations. All costs for checking and complying with this code of conduct shall be borne by the supplier. In the event that Nordcarrier learns that the supplier does not comply with this code of conduct, Nordcarrier will inform the supplier of this and expects the supplier to rectify the situation immediately.

If, contrary to expectations, the supplier does not immediately rectify the stated conditions, Nordcarrier is free to terminate the cooperation with the supplier without further notice or termination. Suppliers to Nordcarrier bear full responsibility for ensuring that any subcontractors also comply with this code of conduct.

It is very important to Nordcarrier that all employees thrive in a healthy and safe working environment. For suppliers to Nordcarrier , the supplier must ensure compliance with applicable health and safety regulations and laws in the countries in which the supplier operates. Nordcarrier emphasizes that employees have the best possible working conditions and that the following are always assessed: Lighting, ventilation, noise, ergonomically correct furniture and cleaning.

For Nordcarrier it is important that all working time, vacation and minimum wage regulations are respected. Suppliers must at all times comply with the applicable legislation in the countries in which they operate. Overtime work must be reduced to a minimum as far as possible, in order to achieve the best possible balance between working hours and leisure time for the individual employee. It is Nordcarrier imperative that employees at all times have the right to organize themselves in, for example, trade unions.
Nordcarrier does not accept any form of corruption or bribery, and suppliers are expected to share this attitude and comply with Nordcarrier's independent anti-corruption policy. The full policy can be found at:

The transportation industry is responsible for a large part of the global environmental impact. It is crucial for Nordcarrier to continuously reduce the environmental impact of its transportation services. Of course, this also applies to the company's suppliers. See also Nordcarrier's independent environmental policy at:

Nordcarrier is an open and non-discriminatory company. It is imperative to us that suppliers neither practice nor accept any form of discrimination.

As Nordcarrier operates in the transportation industry, it is of the utmost importance that all employees and suppliers comply with the company's Alcohol and Drug Policy. This policy can also be read in full at:

Nordcarrier reserves the right to conduct unannounced control audits at our suppliers. We do this to ensure compliance with this code of conduct. In the event of such audits, we expect our suppliers to cooperate positively so that the experience gained can be used to develop the cooperation and, if necessary, improve and develop this code of conduct. Suppliers with questions regarding this letter are always welcome to contact their contact person at Nordcarrier.