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Environmental policy

Environmental considerations play a very important role in Nordcarrier

The company will continuously, actively and systematically work to minimize the impact on the external environment where economically and technically feasible.


The environmental policy objective is to:

  • Proactively contribute to the replacement of fossil fuel vehicles with renewable energy vehicles.
  • During 2025, start using electric vehicles in urban distribution
  • By 2030, use tractor/trailer vehicles that use renewable energy where technically feasible.
  • Minimize greenhouse gas emissions from the vehicles due to the use of fossil fuels as a propellant.
  • Prevent accidents and limit the consequences of accidents that can harm the external environment.
  • Prefer environmentally conscious suppliers and partners.
  • Ensure drivers know and understand the environmental policy, action plans and work accordingly.
  • Map environmental impact and renew action plans on an annual basis.
  • Own company cars run on either electric or hybrid power

The company commits to

  • To protect the environment, including preventing pollution
  • Set concrete targets that show the extent to which the environmental policy is being lived up to
  • Continuously improve the environmental management system to improve environmental performance
  • Comply with all binding obligations and relevant legal and regulatory requirements

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